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Sergey Vassiliev's main sphere of activity is creation and restoration of bronze objects. His works decorate private interiors and collections in Russia and abroad as well as state institutions, declared as sites of national and world heritage. Among them are the Russian Museum, Gostiny Dvor in St Petersburg, Constantine Palace in Strelna, Irkutsk Okhlopkov Academic Drama Theatre, St. George Cathedral in Samara etc.

Most bronze figures after models and sketches of Sergey Vassiliev were manufactured in OOO "Restamp", as he has been the leading artist of the company since 1999. The works of Sergey Vassiliev embody the harmony of academic traditions and a deep individual vision, so they find a way to the hearts of both classic art lovers and connoisseurs of novel approaches.

All works are original and are crafted with different styles in mind. The main emphasis is nature (flora and fauna), folk culture and religion.

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